The Fillmore

The Fillmore is one of New Orleans’s most storied music venues. Originally opened in 1965, the intimate venue was considered the heart of the American music scene during the 1960s-70s with big-name stars, including Aretha Franklin, Grateful Dead, Cream, Santana, The Doors, Janis Joplin, and more, making their marks on music from their stage. The venue has always been a locally grown production featuring the style and feel of a New Orleans locale, with much of its designs coming from that distinctive southeastern atmosphere.

This atmosphere has attracted audiences and fans ever since the club first opened and continues to be a driving source of its design to this day. For many residents, this commitment to local flavor and feel can only be described as “The NOLA life” and The Fillmore fits it to a T.

Embracing NOLA, The Fillmore pays homage to the original club’s spirit with vintage posters, ornate chandeliers, and velvet curtains to give it that original feel. The 22,000 square foot venue also offers a design to its seat, stage, bar, and facilities that will make visitors feel like they have transported to the classic jazz clubs so popular in films. The owners also train their staff to offer that southeastern hospitality and service that sets a new standard for US music clubs in the region.

Wrought iron gate segments and clapboard sidings are used through the venue, along with gas street lanterns, street tile signage, and local art displays that encourages guests to make a night of it whether enjoying a light snack, an inventive cocktail, or classic craft beers while exploring the music hall and enjoying the live guest of an evening. Years after its remodeling and redesign, the owners still use locally trained architects to ensure that the club gives residents the same feeling of home that New Orleans concert-goers would enjoy during the clubs’ early days in the 60s and 70s.

Coming out to The Fillmore is like taking a trip through time to a classic point in American music history for both guests and visitors. That’s why it’s one of the most popular venues in the southeastern united states and all nearby regions.

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