Ancient Aliens Live at The Fillmore

Ancient Aliens Live Tickets

The Fillmore | New Orleans, Louisiana

Ancient Aliens Live

Are you ready to see what may be the most engaging lecture series in all of 2024? If so, then you will not want to miss out when Ancient Aliens Live comes to the famous The Fillmore in New Orleans, Louisiana on Sunday 22nd September 2024. Enjoy an interone-of-a-kind journey as Ancient Aliens Live transforms The Fillmore into a cosmic gateway on Sunday, September 22nd, 2024. guests will delve into enigmas shrouded in history underneath a blanket of all-encompassing sounds and visuals. This live presentation series has been all over the world delivering some of the most engaging series audiences have ever known. You’ll be surprised by the educational topics on display and how deep they dive into each one. Fans, critics, and academics alike are already flooding to secure tickets to this one-off lecture series. You can book your tickets now by clicking the Buy Tickets button below!

Top rated theorists including Tsoukalos, William Henry, Nick Pope and David Childress will navigate the evening's exploration. ANCIENT ALIENS LIVE : PROJECT EARTH not only offers a thought-provoking experience but captivates with the storytelling genius of its speakers. With the recent addition of NASA's Secret ET Agenda highlights and discussions around long-standing UFO and dragon connections, these speakers' repute only burgeons, drawing throngs of fans and curious minds alike.

It's so exciting to learn Ancient Aliens Live will be coming to town on the fall, 2024 US wide tour - is right up there with your defining moments, it's a pretty special night, thats unmissable! Ancient Aliens Live is a real breathtaking experience and critics are obsessed! There was a lot of talk about the location for the big evening in September. It'll be hosted by the magnificent The Fillmore, New Orleans, Louisiana - often said to be the ultimate and most ideal venue and absolutely for evenings like this!

The Fillmore posses outstanding staff, easy parking and the most incredible food and drinks stands in town and did you know it is right in the heart of town your night will start and end stress free! The Fillmore stands as a beacon of cultural significance and brilliance. Boasting a capacity to entertain up to 2,900 event-goers and celebrated for its high-quality acoustics and palatial layouts, Fillmore provides an special setting for concerts and events.

Sunday 22nd September 2024 is the big night, ticket supplies wont last forever so do not waste another second! Buy your access to the night today by simply clicking buy right away! Tickets start at $89.

Ancient Aliens Live at The Fillmore

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